“Let’s Dance” star: Sad confession – “That’s our job”

“Let’s Dance” star with disturbing confession – “This is our job”

03/28/2022 at 09:06

RTL: That’s how it all started at the broadcaster

RTL: That’s how it all started at the broadcaster

The private TV station RTL went on the air on January 2, 1984 in Germany. At that time the station was called RTL plus. The abbreviation “RTL” is derived from the name “Radio Television Luxembourg”. The TV station was created as an offshoot of the German-language radio program “Radio Luxemburg”.

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Dancing is not a sport for wimps. It may look so easy on the dance floor, but in reality tango, rumba, chachacha and co. are hard work. This is also the case with a TV show like “let’s dance“ not different.

There is then continued beyond the pain threshold, like “let’s dance“Professional dancer Christina Luft now revealed in an interview with RTL.

“Let’s Dance”: Christina Luft dances in severe pain

The 32-year-old dancer, who has ex-“DSDS” judge Mike Singer by her side this year, suffered from severe pain in the last show on Friday. Muscles in her back had become inflamed. But the professional dancer didn’t show anything on the show.

A day earlier she had made her problems public on Instagram. In an interview with RTL, she revealed: “I had the physio tell me that the muscles on my back were inflamed.”

However, suspending the show was not an option. After all, dancing is her job. With the help of massages, tapes and painkillers, Christina Luft finally stood on the floor.

“Let’s Dance” star Christina Luft: “We professionals are used to it”

“We professionals are used to it. We are athletes, we are disciplined, we know what it means to grit our teeth and function. That’s what we’re here for, that’s the show. It’s not about us. You give everything for someone else and that’s our job,” says Luft.


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And she should do that extremely well on Friday. Mike Singer and Christina Luft received a strong 23 points from the strict “Let’s Dance” jury.


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