“Let’s go drink a chamomile together!” : Jean-Marie Bigard reacted with humor to the attack on François Cluzet

This Tuesday March 22, 2022, Jean-Marie Bigard was invited to the Touche set not at my post, on C8. After François Cluzet criticized him in En aparté, the comedian did not mince his words.

He wanted to take it with a smile… Guest on the set ofAs an aside, on Canal+, François Cluzet attacked Fabrice Luchini and Jean-Marie Bigard violently. Annoyed by their positions, the actor had dropped: “They are jerks! I have nothing else to say, they are idiots! I do not mince my words, once again (…) I think so openly, they are megalos! And the other high school jerk running for President of the Republic, saying, ‘You all ***.’ But it’s not okay? Where are these guys from?“On the set of Do not touch My TVJean-Marie Bigard replied: “The poor ! I love François Cluzet, he’s a great artist, I would love to be his friend! But there he shoots himself in the foot. He’s having a nervous breakdown, he’s very angry, I want to say: ‘I didn’t kill the dog! What did I do ? Why am I a dick?’ Besides, it’s very possible that I’m a dick. I also do not exclude that I am very intelligent and very nice. It has nothing to do ! What does it mean to be a jerk?

Under the laughter of the chroniclers, the husband of Lola Marois declared: “In addition, I find myself in the box of the accused with Fabrice Luchini, so there, it’s the medal, it’s my Oscar for me! I’m on the bench next to Fabrice Luchini, total happiness! We can’t call him stupid Fabrice Luchini, I agree, it’s true… He’s right, very often, I could keep my mouth shut, but what would we be without the people who open their mouths a bit? (…) I have a lot of trouble keeping my mouth shut when I feel an injustice and there, François Cluzet, whom I adore.“In front of the camera, it was by addressing the actor directly that he let go:”I love you my Clu-clu to me! It is absolutely necessary that we go and drink a chamomile both! It will relax us! I swear, because I don’t blame you at all!

Jean-Marie Bigard: “We could take him to court for public insult”

Wishing to defend himself, the comedian revealed: “He asks me to shut my mouth when I’m cut to open it all the time! Of course he will accuse me of opening my mouth but I too can be proud to open it a few times.Finally, he added:He seems to say that we are less than nothing. Fabrice Luchini finds, like me, that what he has done is lamentable. He just made fun of himself. We could sue him for public insult, but I’m giving it to him. Public insult it’s 10,000 balls, by two, it’s 20,000. You see, he doesn’t even go through square one, he is exempt from 20,000 so be nice!


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