“Let’s go for the crown!”: Wendy Portillo sweeps her catwalk at Reinado Internacional del Café

The Salvadoran was applauded by the public present for her excellent catwalk and her projection before the cameras. In addition, she is classified as one of the most beautiful in the competition.

About 26 young ladies from different countries of the world had yesterday the swimsuit competition in the International Coffee Reignwhich is being carried out in Manizales, Colombia.

The participants wore a one-piece bikini with coffee details in green, red and black tones, which made them look spectacular during their catwalk.

One of those who shone in this stage was Wendy Portillo, representative of El Salvador, who with her bearing, stage projection and catwalk managed to captivate the qualifying jury and the public present.

The Salvadoran was applauded by the public and was listed as one of the favorites in this competition, so she could be one of the finalists on the final night of the beauty pageant.

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Wendy Portillo, 22, is representing El Salvador in the Reina Internacional del Café contest, in Manizales, Colombia. Illustrative and non-commercial image / www.instagram.com/p/Cm-P2HVs790

“What an honor to be El Salvador ♥️”, Wendy Portillo wrote on her Instagram account along with a video where she shares part of what was her catwalk in a bathing suit.

The 22-year-old will seek the second crown for El Salvador in said contest and for this she is working hard to leave the country on high.

Her fans have supported her since day one and have wished her the best so that she can do an excellent job in the pageant.

“😍😍😍🇸🇻👑 Beautiful our Queen 💝💝💝”, “Let’s go for the top or crown”, “I’m glad you are representing our country, what pride, and I wish you the best Wendy”, “You are one of the favorites”, “El Salvador is well represented”, “You are proud Wendy”, “Your catwalk is beautiful”, “Your presentation was incredible”, wrote their fans.

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