“Let’s go to a naughty granny”: Kev Adams shares a hilarious anecdote about Christmas!

By Grandma Yves Ratsimbazafy

– Published on 28 Dec 2022 at 08:00

Always so close to his subscribers, Kev Adams recently asked them the worst gifts they received for Christmas. It must be believed that the comedian was entitled to a lot of answers but one of them is clearly out of the lot.

Kev Adams is undoubtedly one of the most popular comedians of the moment. Since its debut on the media scene in 2009, its notoriety has not stopped increasing. A popularity that opened the doors of the seventh art to him. It has certainly already appeared in Always Run in 2000, thanks to And suddenly I miss everyone in 2011 he became a real celebrity. He continues since filming by participating in the casting of 18 different films including Milann Rousseau retirement home. This busy career in the cinema does not of course prevent him from also concentrating on his stage performances. With Gad Elmaleh as a source of inspiration, he is sure to go very far in this profession. Waiting to see what will happen, who has been bullied at school particularly enjoys interacting with his fans. Hence this question and answer session during which he asked them the worst Christmas present they had received.

An answer that makes Kev Adams react with humor

It was on Boxing Day that Kev Adams posed this question to his fans. The latter who did not hesitate to answer him en masse. However, he could not help but share a response that was at least unusual that he received from a user. In this message, we can read: Socks with eggplants and bananas from my grandma “. What make him react to the comedian. The latter couldn’t help but show how hilarious he was. ” We go on a naughty granny “he continues then with humor.

Kev Adams Story

The fans of Kev Adams eagerly await the release of his new One Man Show titled “ Mirror “. We have to believe that he has been working on it for several months now for a release scheduled for 2023. He also confides about this show: “ I approach my love life, my sex life without any gritty or vulgar words, but with real introspection. I’m 30, it’s part of my life “. At least his audience is informed. Which should at least allow him to avoid the various criticisms as was already the case in the past.

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