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The national group Libido announced the release of the first volume of “Libido Acústico en el Gran Teatro Nacional”, an album that summarizes its presentation on the first artistic stage in Peru, where Salim Vera and Manolo Hidalgo played their greatest hits accompanied by great guest musicians.

“We believe that it is our best live acoustic album due to its quality, repertoire and the work that went into making it. In addition, we feel that we have evolved as musicians, as a band, our sound is different and we take care of all the details so that everything is perfect”, Manolo Hidalgo stated through a statement.

Playing at the Gran Teatro Nacional, one of the most important auditoriums in Latin America, meant an artistic achievement for Libido, which has been touring and recording albums for more than two decades. “Presenting at the Gran Teatro Nacional was a personal and group fulfillment for everything that playing in that place represented”highlighted Salim Vera.

“Acoustic Libido at the Grand National Theater” will be divided into two volumes of 10 songs each and the first of them, which is already available on digital platforms, contains songs from all stages of the band, such as “Frágil”, “Mal tiempo”, “Mabel”, “I’m so gray”, “Tan suave”, “Esther fe”, “Female”, “How are you”, “Your face” and “In this room”.

The acoustic presentation of Libido in the first artistic stage was held on February 28, 2019 and featured the participation of Hugo Ortiz (drums), Lucho Benzaquen (rhythm guitar), Juan Pablo del Águila (bass), Bea Mar (choirs) , Henry Ueunten (keyboards), Gerardo Lama (percussion) and an excellent string quartet conducted by Renzo Ángeles Small.


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