Lidl hits hard! Great return of its bestseller with a huge surprise!

The new Monsieur Cuisine Smart

The name is well chosen. Smart, this robot is. And thanks to it, you will spend less time in your kitchen. It’s simple, he knows how to do everything. Especially since it is an improved version of the already very convincing Monsieur Cuisine Connect. From June 6, the French will be able to buy this new robot and start preparing a whole series of delicious dishes straight out of a restaurant kitchen.

Just like its predecessor, the Monsieur Cuisine Smart has a 4.5 liter mixing bowl. It is capable of weighing, kneading, mixing, chopping, searing, steaming… But that’s not all. With this version, several additions have been prepared by the Silvercrest brand. Thus, the robot today can ferment (like a yogurt maker), cook eggs and cook under vacuum. In addition, its base is more compact, enough to save space in your kitchen. The touch screen is eight inches (compared to seven for previous versions) while a vertical handle has been added, which is particularly pleasing to UFC-Que Choisir, who tested the device:

This is a real plus because it makes the transfer much simpler compared to many robots which are devoid of it. You should know that the bowl is often heavy and hot after cooking “. To buy the robot, you will have to pay 429 euros. But for holders of the loyalty card, thirty euros are offered to you.

A cheaper version, but not connected

Aware that not everyone can pay 400 euros for a robot – even if it is up to three times cheaper than the competition – the brand has already put on sale an equally efficient offline version for an incredible price. : 199 euros. And as always, those who own the card get a discount. It’s a good way for Lidl to promote its loyalty program.

Indeed, Lidl has decided to please the consumers by taking out its very first loyalty card… only available on the Lidl Plus app. This card provides access to discounts in the form of downloadable vouchers. Just beep it when checking out to see the total cost of your shopping go down.

Michel Biero, Lidl’s executive purchasing and marketing director, explained to BFMTV last October why the brand has decided to finally offer a card to its customers: “We haven’t had a loyalty card for 32 years… Today, our unique brand model and the success of our supermarkets allows us to create a loyalty program adapted to the expectations of the French”.

Once again, success is at the rendezvous with more than ten million downloads on Play Store. Consumers always want to save money, and Lidl has understood this. The proof, the stores are finally making accessible a powerful kitchen robot, formerly reserved for a more affluent clientele.

A plagiarism problem?

In Spain, it is no longer possible to obtain Lidl food processors. Why ? Because Vorwerk seized Spanish justice. The latter declared that the Monsieur Cuisine Connect violates one of the Thermomix patents. Therefore, the robots had to be taken off the market. In France, Lidl is sued for the same reasons. But the withdrawal in France is not on the agenda.

This is explained by Laurent Teyssèdre, European patent attorney: ” the two patents on which Vorwerk relied to seek the seizure for infringement of Lidl’s Monsieur Cuisine Connect expire in our country, the first in a few days, the second in June 2022. At the time of the judgment, these patents will therefore either be expired or about to expire, and in the latter case, even if the prohibition is pronounced, an appeal lodged by Lidl will have a suspensive effect”.