Lidl releases the essential device at a shattered price to absolutely have at home!

As you surely know, Lidl always finds solutions to the problems of its customers. This time around, the store has decided to hit hard with a kitchen staple. Thanks to this device, you will be able to prepare good little dishes. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

Lidl releases a kitchen product that will make you crack

Year after year, Lidl continues to amaze its customers with the quality/price ratio of its products. And today, we are going to tell you about THE good deal of the moment. To get 2023 off to a good start, the store has decided to release a high-performance induction hob. Thanks to this device, you will be able to prepare dishes, worthy of a starred chef. No, no, it is not a joke. Its plate is made of ceramic glass. And the least we can say is that handling this cooker is very easy.

To cook your food, you will be able rely on a touch control to help you. Moreover, you should know that you will not have to return to deactivate the induction once the cooking is finalized. Indeed, the hob will automatically turn off when there is no more pan above. Incredible, isn’t it? What we can also tell you is that the product is powerful. With its 2200 W and 10 temperature levels, it will allow you to cook your products quickly.

Only 23 euros for this plate

The dimensions of this plate are also perfect : 31 x 27cm. Which means that it will necessarily find a place to position itself on your work plan. In addition, it does not scratch easily and it is simple to clean with a glass-ceramic surface. You should also know that this induction hob is capable of going up to 240°C. Heating your dishes will therefore be child’s play. Not only would you save time, but also money.

In addition to being aesthetic and efficient, its price will also satisfy you. Indeed, you can acquire it for only 23 euros. . A ridiculous price for a device that has 3 years warranty. Not true ? So, what are you waiting for to go buy it? Be careful, stocks will quickly run out on the shelves lidl, do not be too long. As you probably know, the German chain does not have an incredible stock. It’s your turn.