“Life allows me to do what I love”: Mishelle Murga retires for a while from Noticias 4 Visión

The presenter of Noticias 4 Visión revealed the reason why she will be away from the cameras, surprising her thousands of followers on social networks.

A couple of months ago, the presenter of Noticias 4 Visión, Mishelle Murgaannounced to her more than 77,000 followers on Instagram that she is pregnant and that she is very happy about the arrival of her baby.

Through various publications, he revealed that a girl is on the way, so he looks forward to having her in his arms.

“Your little heart is now my greatest treasure 👶🏻🤍 welcome beautiful baby 💖👶🏻”, he wrote in a publication where he appears with his partner and father of his future daughter, Mario Sibrián, who is the presenter of the program “Viva la Mañana “.

For her part, Murga has shared every detail of her pregnancy with her loyal followers, who are eager to meet the little baby.

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Photo: illustrative and non-commercial image / https://www.instagram.com/p/CmryUtmurNx/

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And because she is already in her last weeks of pregnancy, she announced on Tuesday, December 27 that she will be absent from the cameras and the set of Noticas 4 Visión for a few months.

This news caught her fans by surprise, who let her know that they will miss seeing her presenting the news every day.

“In this time I am grateful because life allows me to do what I love and I did it with my tummy 💖 we’ll be back in a few months ✨ N4V”, he wrote in a publication.

“Blessings! We will be super aware of the arrival of that beautiful baby 😍”, “I love you 😍 I want to meet you my chelita baby”, “Mishi, I miss you on the radio 🥺💞💞 and many blessings for that girl ❤️”, ” May everything go well for you Mishelle!! The Virgin blesses you and enlightens you in this new stage as Mamita!! A big hug 🤗”, her fans wrote in the publication.

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