“Life is a gift”: Daniel Lévi confided in “his ordeal” at the microphone of RTL

After several years of fighting colon cancer, Daniel Lévi died this Saturday August 7th. In June 2021, he was the guest of RTL Info “Avec Vous” to talk about his latest album “Grâce à toi”. An album he wrote during what he called “his ordeal“.”I think I’ve never worked as much as since I had my ordeal because there is a will to survive, to surpass oneself, to overcome oneself. It is in these moments that we reveal ourselves to ourselves“, he confided to Olivier Schoonejans.

Daniel Lévi even considered “this ordeal”, his colon cancer as a gift. “This is an opportunity to be able to reveal who we really are, because it is in adversity that we find new strength.“. Happy to have been able to make his album, the realization was for him to be able to go on stage again. He also took advantage of his interview to thank his Belgian audience. “All the messages I receive make me hot heart. Thanks.

Olivier Schoonejans had underlined his strength of character: “You are impressive. Do you accept that we stick the label of “example” on you?” To which he replied: “I don’t know, but if you allow me, I prefer that we add the philosophical and spiritual connotation instead. I wanted to have a banquet to thank everyone for the support, but I was told “no, it’s the ordeal you have to thank.“If he recognizes that his fight was difficult, he admits to having never felt so alive as when he was trying to overcome the disease. “We will look deep within ourselves for incredible resources.

For him, “Life is a gift” and you have to be able to measure how lucky you are. His journey against illness was also featured in his song “Épreuve”.

Source- https://www.rtl.be/people/potins/-la-vie-est-un-cadeau-daniel-levi-se-confiait-sur-son-epreuve-sur-le-plateau-de-rtl-info-avec-vous-1394538.aspx