Lifeless they find the actors Andrés and Jorge Tirado in Mexico City

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- After several days of searching, the actors Andrés and Jorge Tirado They were found lifeless in Mexico City and their bodies showed signs of violence.

The bodies of the Tirado brothers They were next to his uncle José González (73 years old). The three bodies were handcuffed and were found inside a home in Colonia Roma Norte, in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office.

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Since last December 16, the disappearance of the artists had been reported and several celebrities had used their social networks to spread the search messages.

The three bodies were found in the house they lived with three other people who were already detained for investigation purposes.

Contradictions in statements

Three people who shared the house with the deceased were arrested after they appeared to testify before the General Attorney of Justice of Mexico City.

Those apprehended were identified as Blanca Hilda, her daughter Sally Mechaella and her son-in-law Azuher. However, the contradictions in his statements drew attention, which is why he was arrested.

Among the things revealed by the authorities, the six people lived in the same house, but independently. Some lived on the ground floor and others on the top. In addition, the investigations indicate that the house was in a legal process.

According to the authorities, the owner of the house had died, so Blanca Hilda, who was his sentimental partner, claimed the property. While José González and his wife, who were related to the owner, also asked for the house.

Among the first hypotheses is that the three people arrested allowed the entry of armed people into the home, for which reason they kept Andrés, Jorge and their uncle deprived of their liberty and then murdered them.