Like JLo, Lucero reveals some secrets to look young at 53. Do you iron your eyelashes? – New Woman

2022 has been for the singer Lucero one of the best years in her professional career. She joined her ex-husband Manuel Mijares and together they began a concert tour Until they were done!, where they have toured Mexico and the United States in shows that have made their fans fall in love.

But Lucero, in addition to being an excellent actress, singer and an exceptional human being, She is a beautiful woman who takes great care of herself and who does not appear to be 53 years old, more than 30assure some of his followers who compare her with Jennifer López because her age is not noticeable.

What we cannot deny is that both JLo and Lucero have their beauty secrets and on this occasion The Mexican actress on her YouTube channel shared with her fans those details that are necessary to make makeup look very natural.

I’m not a diva and I wear natural makeup

Lucero is a very natural woman, without poses, simple, so much so that she does not consider herself a diva, but her followers have been so insistent that she teach them how to put on makeup that she agreed and showed them how she looks beautiful, with natural makeup and with few elements.

In the video, the interpreter of Not anymore, all night Y Secret love, explained: “I put on very natural makeup, I put a little concealer under the dark circles so that they cover a little.

She indicated that she applies makeup with her fingers. “because I have a bit of an allergy to brushes that cause my eyes to water.”

“I spread the base with a sponge and choose it according to my skin color on my arm. I like creamy foundations that cover well, without leaving a mask. Then they will seal it with a loose powder. On the eyelids I put on a lighter shade afterwards”.

No to red tones

Stresses that He does not like the red tones on the lips and uses a pencil “with which I outline the shape of my mouth. I like thick-tipped eyeliners because I like to blend. Then I darken my eyebrows that I have thick, you have to remove the extra hairs that are on the eyelid “.

He shared one of his most important secrets when it comes to putting on makeup, “I comb my eyebrows, and when I outline my mouth I fill it in a bit with the pencil itself and I use the spoon trick, which is to grab the eyelash and squeeze it with my thumb and as if they were ironing it, curling it”.