Like two drops of water! The photos of the alleged unrecognized son of José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma” that reveal the incredible resemblance to the singer | People | Entertainment

The famous and renowned Venezuelan singer, Jose Luis Rodriguez “El Puma” He is involved in a new controversy associated with his personal life. After the relationship and the incredible physical resemblance that he has with his supposed unrecognized son were made public.

For more than 30 years, the artist has not maintained emotional ties with his two eldest daughters, Lilibeth and Lilianafruit of his marriage with Lilac Morillo. And now, the appearance of another son who does not speak much is added.

Juan José Rodríguez: the unrecognized son of “El Puma”

The alleged son of “El Puma” is named Juan Jose Rodriguez. He was born in Venezuela and artistically calls himself “El Puma Jr.”, and like José Luis, he is also a singer, with a 35-year career and 14 published albums.

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As can be seen in your account Instagramthe man has a tone of voice very similar to that of his supposed father, he even interprets some of his most recognized songs.

But the most surprising thing is the physical resemblance they have. It is impossible to deny that their features are not similar.

According to the Heraldo Mexico, the resemblance causes astonishment, because it is the same mane, the size, the features of his face, everything makes him be “El Puma Jr”.

The Venezuelan’s followers only talk about the similarity of the man who even has a voice timbre similar to the unforgettable interpreter of “Agárrense de las Manos”. And they also wonder how they are so alike and why he has lived in the shadow of the Rodríguez family.

Of course he is the son of José Luis Rodríguez, not wanting to recognize him is something else. He is identical to him, just as he does not want to know about his daughters Liliana and Lilibeth. It only remains in his conscience, God bless you Puma Junior

The father’s copy!

Same as José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma”

That saying is quite true: Son denied, he comes out loaded … what a pity that José Luis Rodríguez does not recognize him, he is identical to him

Given this situation, speculation does not stop among fans of the authentic “The Puma”, since they are two drops of water and both bear an impressive resemblance, as well as the passion for music and indisputable talent.

Despite this, in the most recent public appearances in the media of “El Pumar Jr”, he does not confirm or deny the paternity of José Luis, thus generating more secrecy and suspicion on the subject.

In an interview for the “SOS Hoy” program, he only mentioned: “Legally I have the last name, I am recognized by an uncle, Oswaldo Rodríguez, his brother.” (AND)

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