Lili Estefan cried in a restaurant when she received this message

The Cuban burst into tears after reading it and it was through the Instagram of “El gordo y la falca” that they revealed what the paper said.

Moved to tears. This is how Lili Estefan reacted in the middle of the restaurant, already visible to everyone after reading a message that was sent to her on a piece of paper.

The presenter was so moved, as were the people who were with her at the table when she showed them the content of the message.

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The emotional moment was shared through the Instagram of “El gordo y la falca” where it was also revealed what the paper said.

In the short but emotional clip, Lili was kind enough to share the following message: “Details that go straight to the heart. Thank you! This note represents so many of you who give me so much love. I don’t know how to thank you.”

But what did the paper say that, despite the fact that it did not go beyond one line, made the 55-year-old Cuban shudder.

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Lili showed it to the camera and it read: “I admire you a lot.” Although she never knew who had sent it to her, it definitely touched her heart; as well as her other followers who reacted very excited about it.

“It is that you are charming, diplomatic, very professional, and with sealed lips so as not to say what should not be said”, “You are natural and human. That is admirable”, and “So beautiful that you are skinny, you make us love you. We are so many that you can’t even imagine “, were some of the reactions full of tenderness left by the fans of the charismatic blonde.