Lily Collins shares the perfect outfit with jeans for a day off

Actress Lily Collins is not only talented and very charming, she is also a great fashion expert And we see it with her outfits, whether they are from the red carpet or those that she shares with us on networks and that opt ​​for a more relaxed and casual style, without losing formality and sophistication that she knows how to achieve so well and with which she looks so chic.

Her wardrobe is a source of inspiration and she is always right in her clothes, no matter the occasion for which she is arranged. These days, he shared with us an excellent outfit, modern, versatile and fashionable, very chic and ideal for the season and for a rest day.

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This casual yet avant-garde outfit also plays with denim and ‘street style‘ with some high rise straight leg jeans that combines with a risky touch with a blue shirt of course, which is left unbuttoned at the bottom, for a flirtatious design that allows you to show off your waist.

complete with a beige jacket that rolls up sleevesto give a lot of style with sophistication, in addition to some white tennis simple that visually balance both the structure of the outfit and the colors, very fresh, elegant and that give it a feminine and modern presence with which it dazzles spectacularly and at the forefront.

take some sunglasses, loose hair casual for a halo relax and simple jewelry and makeup without recharging, that make it the ideal outfit for a relaxed day, a walk, a weekend and even a vacation to walk around a city or tourist destination.

So fashion” she wrote in the publication in which, in another photograph and posing on the street, her husband appears, Charlie McDowell, also dressing very fashionable and stylish, with mustard pants, white shirt, brown shoes and light beige jacket.

The followers of the also British-American producer and model write to her that she looks beautiful, indeed very fashionable, beautiful and like a great icon of good dress What is it, wasting glamor and teaching style on all occasions.

Of course, this is also because we associate her, and she herself takes note of her character’s fabulous style Emily Cooper of the Netflix series, Emily in Pariswhich is currently filming its long-awaited third season and that Lily Collins recently celebrated by sharing one of the classic outfits on networks, with the city of Paris in the background in the landscape, of this character.

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