Lina Tejeiro almost fought with ‘La Toxicosteña’ at Aida Victoria Merlano’s party

Last Friday the influencer Aida Victoria Merlano, daughter of former senator Aida Merlano ―sentenced to 11 years in prison for electoral corruption―, celebrated her 23rd birthday in the city of Medellín together with different personalities from digital platforms and Creole entertainment.

In addition to the raffle of technological elements among the attendees and the sensual look that the honoree wore, who she arrived with red hair and a tiny see-through dressseveral encounters that the guests had at the party have given much to talk about among Internet users.

One of the moments that has been most commented on social networks is the one that starred Lina Tejeiro, Aida Victoria Merlano and Cindy Ávila, better known as ‘La Toxicosteña’ and for her song ‘Macta Arrives’.

While Aida Victoria and Lina Tejeiro danced to the rhythm of the famous song The MapaleLa Toxicosteña’ took the microphone, interrupted the song and began to tell the birthday girl several risque and rude words.

“Look [email protected]#! If that malpar! ¿@… isn’t looking for you, open up, face to see ¿@… He doesn’t want you. Not because Aida Merlano says so or because I say so. [email protected]#¿, hijuep bitch#¿@”, said ‘La Toxicosteña’, apparently drunk.

At that moment, Aida Victoria tried to take the microphone from ‘La Toxicosteña’, who reacted and did not leave. Seeing that the situation was going to get out of control, Lina Tejeiro intervened and with an “eeeehhh” tried to calm down and asked the singer to continue with the music.

However, when the singer tried to continue with his interpretation of the maple, ‘La Toxicosteña’ again launched risque words. “Shut up, you [email protected]# face!” she told him.

Yina Calderón wanted to find a fight with Lina Tejeiro

As detailed by the influencer Karen Sevillano through her social networks, at one point during the night she realized that towards the table where she was sitting, in the company of Tejeiro, and other recognized content generators, she was going Calderón with a face of few friends and with the intention of looking for a fight with the actress.

However, according to Sevillano, the timely action of other partygoers, and even herself, prevented Calderón from going from words to blows. The influencer affirmed that when trying to speak with Yina Calderón, she was dispatched against Tejeiro, affirming that “it’s an enlarged”because the actress does not speak to her and, on the contrary, “underestimates” her.

“Lina was not doing anything to Yina, everyone was at their table,” said the influencer. In addition, she said that during the party, the businesswoman with the girdles asked her to warn Tejeiro that ‘will not get in his way’to which Sevillano recalled that the one who went to look for the problem was Calderón, who went to the actress’s table in a defiant attitude.

Karen asked her “Yina, leave her quiet, because in truth she was quiet, she was at her table”, remembering that during the party she tried to appease Calderón’s bellicose spirits.

Regarding Tejeiro’s alleged contempt for Calderón, Sevillano sent a forceful message to the former protagonist of Nuestra Tele by stating “Yina, that does not take away or put a grain of rice on your plate of food… I followed your life.”

Sevillano clarified that beyond simple gossip, and “although I tell them that ‘I want the fight to take place’, with all due respect what I say is: Yina go to the psychologist”. According to influencerthis is not the first time that she has shown strange behavior on the part of the businesswoman and warned that “suddenly she has a suffering, some sorrow that afflicts her very deeply.”

“The few times that I have shared with her in real life, the behavior that I see her, in my opinion, in my opinion, she is not normal”, he reiterated, advocating that, in the event that Calderón does not make the decision on her own, she can be advised and accompanied by her relatives.