Lina Tejeiro met Kai, the son of Greeicy Rendón

If there is a pair of friends that usually excites users of social networks, it is the one made up of the artists Greeicy Rendón and Lina Tejeiro. For years, the llanera and the caleña have known each other, they shared their tastes for acting, but in the case of Rendón, she dedicated herself to her true passion: music.

Each one accumulates millions of followers, fans emphasize the beauty, spontaneity and fidelity they have with each other, since they live in different cities and do not see each other as often as they did in earlier times.

However, their relationship continues to strengthen, even Rendón was a few months ago at her friend’s 30th birthday.

This 2022 has been one of the most fruitful for artists. On the one hand, Tejeiro became much more involved with social networks and started her content creation project on YouTube, while the “Stronger” singer had to pause her career, since she was in the gestation stage and gave birth to her firstborn, Kai.

However, despite the fact that Greeicy and Mike Bahía’s son had already been born, Netizens wondered why Lina had not seen it, since neither of the two celebrities had uploaded content that would prove it.

But that wait has come to an end, since in the last hours the actress of the law of the heart He shared a tender video that has caused endless reactions, showing that he is carrying little Kai in his arms.

Occasionally, the two friends visit each other and share moments together, but this time the attention and prominence was taken by the minor Bahía Rendón.

While at the singer’s home, in Instagram stories, Tejeiro posted the fragment carrying Kai and talking to him. “That mom -Greeicy- takes a long time with that milk. Oh no, I love you, my love”expressed the influencer.

Rendón was the one who was recording the tender scene and as a complement the story says: “Happy Aunt”

Several of the followers wonder if Lina was awakened by the desire to have a child and become a new mother, like her friend.

Added to this, in other pieces of the same social space, a Boomerang recorded in front of a mirror in which the two Colombian celebrities are posing and it has writing: “Chat in front of the mirror like in the old days. Happiness”.

Next, the compilation of stories with the emotional video:

Tender joke that Greeicy made to Mike Bahía

In a video of no more than fifteen seconds, it can be seen that the woman from Cali smeared one of her fingers with the residue of her baby’s diaper, Kai. Immediately afterwards, the actress also walks through her house and goes to the dining room where she finds her sentimental partner, Mike Bahía.

As if it were the symbolic act and replica of one of the scenes of the popular children’s movie The Lion King, Rendón ran his finger over the face of the singer of ‘Buscarte’, leaving a poop mark on his forehead.

The funny thing about all this is that, not knowing what his girlfriend did to him, Mike acted calmly. He even smiled in front of the cell phone camera.

As usually happens with this type of content shared by the artist, users commented on the joke.

Lina Tejeiro, one of the couple’s friends, wrote: “hahaha you’re the shit.” Secondly, the comment box is full of emojis of faces crying with laughter.