Lina Tejeiro’s harsh response to people who criticize her for how she looks without makeup

The actress and now youtuber Lina Tejeiro has managed to become one of the most admired women on social networks. That is why, through the different interaction platforms, she usually shares content related to her lifestyle and daily life with her followers.

However, recently, the 30-year-old woman was the target of criticism after she uploaded a series of photos on her Instagram stories, where she showed herself natural.

In networks it usually happens that just as there are fans, there are also haters, term that is related to users who defame or criticize in digital settings. In view of this, Tejeiro showed his followers that he participated in a triathlon, but the negative comments were immediate.

On the one hand, some emphasized that she was not the same without makeup, while others aimed to cross out the clothing she used to practice sports.

Consequently, the artist did not hesitate to answer the criticism: “What do you see my nipples? Well, because I have nipples! That I look different without makeup? Of course, because without makeup I am fantastic and with makeup I am a work of art!” Said the actress from Villavicencio.

In turn, Lina questioned: “What is the need to comment on a body that is not yours?”

It is no secret to anyone that Tejeiro has shown herself to be a self-confident woman and has opened the doors of her home to the entire public of social networks. In fact, the so-called queen of Tik Tok specified that if they criticize her, it is because the people who do it need to feel better about her body and that is the only way they can do it.

“Do not suffer for a body that is not yours and if you do not like it, do not look at it”, concluded the artist who accumulates more than nine million followers on Instagram.

Lina Tejeiro's message to her followers
The actress did not hesitate to answer her haters. Instagram stories: @linatejeiro – Photo: Instagram: @linatejeiro

Hand in hand with the stories, the Colombian film and television actress made a publication that shows her in her natural state, tired and sweating. In effect, she wrote: “And why did you sign up for a triathlon? Me: because I like to feel like I’m going to die” (sic).

As usually happens with each of the contents that the llanera uploads, fans and followers did not want to miss the opportunity to make their points of view known: “I see so much beauty in your effort. I’m crazy about you”; “This woman, even sweaty and destroyed, looks spectacular”; “She likes sports, she is charismatic, she is very pretty, hard-working, what more can one ask of life?”; “What a beautiful woman, my God” and “Motivation in a single word” are some of the perceptions of netizens that can be read on the Instagram social network.

On the other hand, in the middle of an interview with the presenter and influencer Carlos Ochoa, the actress confirmed, among other projects, her participation in a comedy series that will be broadcast on the Amazon platform, but will be supported by Caracol Television.

“Something is coming with Amazon, it really is a very small character. I’m going to be there as a special performance and that honors me a lot because I didn’t even have to present casting; They told me: we want it to be you, and I: well, it’s fine,” Tejeiro assured Ochoa, emphasizing that, although it is not the main role in the production, it would be special for her if they had chosen her without even presenting a casting.

Carlos Ochoa explained that it is the series after reality showwhich has already begun to be recorded and consists of six chapters in which other actors such as Jimena Durán, Michell Orozco, Carlos Humberto Camacho and Juan Manuel Lenis would also be present.