Linda González, passionate about radio and TV

December 8, 2019, 3:00 AM

December 8, 2019, 3:00 AM

She was born in Puerto Suárez, the daughter of Alfredo González and Norma Peppla, but she spent her childhood and youth between her hometown and Santa Cruz de la Sierra. She graduated from Cristo Rey College, in the eastern capital, and when she left she studied Theology, in Argentina, and Social Communication, in the country.

He discovered his vocation through the media at the age of 13, when he visited a radio booth at a student activity. The crush was instant.

She began her career as a radio host on the RCN network, with programs for children, and later was on Antena Uno. During her time on television she worked on the national channels Unitel, Full TV, PAT and Red Uno, where she worked as a journalist , presenter and content producer.

He currently works at EL DEBER Radio, where he produces and hosts the program Here I am, he also collaborates as a journalist on his digital platform. She also runs the space More human, through the Internet.

In 2004, interviewing the queen of Carnival of that year, Olivia Saucedo

In 2018, in the booth of EL DEBER Radio, where he hosts the program Here I am.

Swearing in as a Rotary International volunteer, along with Luis Barbery

A tender scene of his fourth birthday

A few weeks ago, on the set of EL DEBER, together with the civic leader Marco Pumari