“Lindenstrasse” star Sarah Masuch will soon be seen on “Rote Rosen”.

Updated on 05/06/2022 at 13:43

  • as dr Iris Brooks was seen by Sarah Masuch in the successful format “Lindenstraße”.
  • Now the actress has a new job!
  • In “Red Roses” she causes a stir.

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Sarah Masuch will soon be seen in “Red Roses”. The former “Lindenstrasse” actress takes on the role of Anette Roth in the 20th season of the Daily Novela, which is scheduled to start on May 31, 2022. This was announced by the first.

Masuch’s character Anette leads a 100-year-old forwarding company in Goslar. But when she finds out that her husband is cheating on her, she impulsively follows her best friend Sandra (Theresa Hübchen) to Lüneburg and opens a branch here.

This is how the new character in “Rote Rosen” ticks

It also says about the newcomer to “Rote Rosen” (Monday to Friday at 2:10 p.m. in the first one): Anette’s spontaneity is her great strength of character. There are no half measures for the 44-year-old. She has a high willingness to take risks, but has had to learn a lot for it. Anyone who has Anette as a friend can rely on her one hundred percent.

As a business woman, Anette is tough but fair and doesn’t let anyone take the butter off her bread. But she has one weakness – she lets her feelings guide her. Malte Neumann (Marcus Bluhm) also recognizes this, wins her heart and tries to use her forwarding agency for his business…

Sarah Masuch has already appeared in series and series such as “Großstadtrevier”, “Das Duo”, “Der Kriminalist”, “Tatort” or “Unter Schwachen”. From 2012 she worked as a doctor, Dr. Iris Brooks in the “Lindenstrasse” to see. She played the role until the end of the 2020 series.
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