Lindsey Vonn: The woman who never gives up

Now the 37-year-old had to undergo another procedure: she posted pictures from the hospital on Instagram and gave an update on her condition. “The surgery went well yesterday,” Vonn shared with her followers. “I’m having a hard time with the pain in my knee. You may have noticed that I haven’t posted a lot of training videos lately because of that.”

Her doctor “did a great job removing a lot of bone spurs and scar tissue.” Vonn hopes to be able to fully straighten her leg again now. She also hopes that the procedure will keep her from getting a prosthesis for another year or two. “This is my last step before getting a total knee replacement,” Vonn wrote of the “price we pay to do what we love, but it’s still worth it.”

Lindsey Vonn isn’t giving up

Despite this, she does not want to give up skiing and remains optimistic.

“I’m getting back where I belong,” Lindsey Vonn wrote under another video. “I’m hoping that this surgery will allow me to ski with less pain.”

Lindsey Vonn also proves her fighting spirit in other ways – even if life didn’t only have good things in store for her in the end. From 2017 to 2020, Vonn was with the Canadian NHL star PK Subban together – the couple split just before their planned split, just weeks after Vonn’s 36th birthday. Vonn also recently had to say goodbye to her beloved dog, Bear.

In January, Vonn, whose real name is Lindsey Kildow, published her autobiography “Rise” – in which she also gives insights into her turbulent private life. With the world on Sundayg, Lindsey Vonn has also spoken out about suffering from depression. Her book helped her process her experiences. “Being able to go through everything I’ve experienced” has been “therapeutic” for her.