Line Renaud victim of a huge fright: the actress has two fingers to lose her faithful companion

Line Renaud was the victim of a big scare this Friday, April 22, as she revealed on her Twitter account. The actress almost lost her dog, Pirate.

Pets are an integral part of our lives and Line Renaud is not going to say the opposite. The actress is very attached to Pirate, her Cavalier King Charles, and losing him would be a tragedy for her. This Friday, April 22, it was on her Twitter account that she revealed that she had been the victim of a big fright. “You all know my dog ​​Pirate, he is even more famous than me on social networks! Well, he gave me a pretty scare this week!“, she wrote first. The reason? “Friends gave me a chocolate rooster for Easter and it took barely three minutes of inattention for my adorable doggie to jump on it and eat it greedily“, she clarified. A painful moment for Line Renaud. “A real disaster, so toxic is chocolate for dogs! I was totally panicked, I took him as soon as possible to the veterinarian who carried out a gastric lavage“, she said. Bad news that ends well since the actress then said: “Rest assured, Pirate is fine. He is safe and healthy! Thank God”, she said before adding: “As far as I’m concerned, no more chocolate at home! It’s bad for dogs and for the diet“, she concluded.

On April 10, 2019, Line Renaud suffered a stroke. An episode on which she agreed to return a few months later, on the antenna of RTL. If this one marked her a lot, it is also because she was able to count on the support of an unlikely person… his dog Pirate. “I slip out of my bed. I try to get up. My dog ​​Pirate doesn’t take his eyes off me“, had she first remembered before adding “And normally, the woman who comes to pick me up opens the bedroom door, calls Pirate and he runs away to join her”. However, this was not the case since, as the actress clarified, the animal acted in a very unusual way. She called Pirate and he didn’t leave, he didn’t move. She came in to see why he wasn’t coming right away, and she found me lying on the floor. I then said to him ‘Quick Jacinte, call the Samu!“, she continued. Afterwards, Line Renaud is convinced that her dog saved her life. “If he had left right away, Jacinte wouldn’t have gone deeper into the room and then, you know, with a stroke, you have to act fast, it’s time that counts“, she concluded.

Line Renaud: how many dogs does she have?

Line Renaud loves her dogs and she doesn’t hesitate to let it be known. During confinement in March 2020, she wanted to reassure her subscribers about her state of health and her morale. Thus, she had shared a photo on which we could see her in the company of her four balls of hair. “My friends. I am confined, but not alone. Here, from left to right, Lady, Pirate, Nueva and the latest arrival, Oscar”, she said in the caption. Interviewed by Stéphane Berne on his show All in good time ! on RTL on March 27, the actress described her daily life: I have my little companions, my god it’s nice, it’s really necessary. I spend my time with them.” she confided, happy to be able to count on their presence.


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