Linet Puente has not had a good time; This is how he confessed discomfort after COVID-19

Because he occasionally appears in ‘Ventaneando’ and on social networks he had hardly made any noiseLinet Bridge He decided to be honest with his Instagram followers, where he said what’s wrong with him.

Let’s remember that a few weeks ago he tested positive for COVID-19, and when he appears on television, you can see that his voice has some problem. Linet confirmed that she has had a sore throat, and has been constantly sick in recent weeks.

“Showing up after I’ve given myself a few days off from social media and everything. There are moments when life surpasses me and I have to fix my life and organize myself”he said into the camera.

In addition to the coronavirus, Puente has faced a bacterium that probably could have mutated or brought more consequences to the throat.

As a single mom, Linet has to get on with her life, but she also confessed that she has had to get organized because sometimes “life gets the better of her” and she needs to find a balance.

“There is a physical part that is distressing me because my throat is just not right. Before COVID, I had a bacterium that was treated and it seemed that it had already been eradicated, but since I got COVID, I no longer knew if the bacterium had gone to one hundred,” said the presenter.

Of course, he hopes to improve in all aspects “I am in the process of feeling better mentally, physically and emotionally.”