Linky and Gazpar meter: the savings you can make on your energy bill

With the energy crisis that has been raging for several months in France, the discussions always revolve around the same subject. Linky meter, Gazpar box, energy savings, eco-gestures, energy sobriety, cuts and load shedding… We give you a specific update on the two Linky and Gazpar solutions and if they are as effective as we are told… Do you want to know if we are selling you dreams? Let’s go !

Linky and Gazpar meter: what is the difference?

As you know, the Linky counter is the latest generation of electric meter which aims to communicate your consumption data to the remote supplier Enedis. Indeed, the agents will no longer be obliged to come and do the famous meter reading.

Enedis, formerly known as ERDF, implemented this smart meter in 2015. Its purpose was to facilitate the communication of its information and also to allow everyone to monitor its consumption in order to save energy. Does the Gazpar box have the same ambitions?

Presentation of the Gazpar box

Indeed, the Gazpar box from GRDF (manager of the French natural gas network) is also an intelligent solution, as is the Linky meter. The latter will measure, track and send all your data to the company in real time. Once again, the goal is to consume intelligently and to make savings as much as possible. Gradually, these new generation meters will be present in all homes.

The accessory uses technology AMR (Automated Meter Reading). Transmission of information is done by radio waves. The signal is received by a Gazpar concentrator. The latter is installed on the roof of a building within a radius of a maximum of five kilometers in the area of ​​the housing.

Solutions that save electricity

According to a survey by Hello Watts, the Linky meter and the Gazpar box could save you a lot of money. We are talking about drop of 13.5% on the electricity part and of 16.2% for gas in November and December 2022 compared to the same months last year in 2021. On the other hand, it must also be taken into account that the temperatures were particularly mild in 2022.

The Linky meter has a bad reputation

One thing is sure, despite all the advantages of the Linky meter, it worries the French. Already, the latter has been literally imposed by the company and now it’s talking about penalties and fees for those who don’t. Also, some people think the solution is too intrusive and they do not want their consumption data to be transmitted to Enedis.

Namely, these data are encrypted and regulated by the National Commission for Computing and Liberties (CNIL). But, since they are available on the web, it may be a invasion of privacy. There are two battlefields…

Then there are also some opponents who fear the electromagnetic waves and the consequences on their health.

To finish, the nerve of the war remains still the cost of setting up this Linky and Gazpar meter. Knowing that the expected savings have still not been really concrete. To be continued…