Linky counters victims of virulent attacks, the French pissed off

definitelyLinky has not finished to be the subject of controversy. Still rejected by 10% of French people, this smart meter cause trouble to certain customers ofEnedis. Thereby, the group has to face many problems. Justice having been seized, he is forced to react to solve the problems encountered by many homes equipped with the smart meter.

Linky counters attacked by ants

Between Linky and electricity consumers, tensions are not ready to subside. If the majority of the French ended up accepting its installation, some resistance fighters have still not laid down their arms. Determined to convince them, the government and Enedis threatened to send fines to the most reluctant. Indeed, if the owners do not transmit one consumption statement per year via their own means, they risk having to pay an additional cost.

Be that as it may, other concerns remain to be resolved for the manager of the electricity distribution network. Among them, that of ants. If you have not heard of this problem, you are probably wondering what the problem with these insects can be. Well, according to some press articles, ants are the cause of short circuits because they devour the wires. Hard to believe, but what is certain is that malfunctions have been observed in many installations.

The starch contained in certain components would attract insects

Yarn-eating ants: the idea was taken seriously by the group that launched the investigations. Thus, a hypothesis could explain this attitude on the part of insects. The sons would contain starch, a food that seems to satisfy the taste buds of ants. With this story, Linky finds himself again at the heart of a controversy that must cause a lot of concern for Enedis.

Especially since Linky meters are also criticized for being the source of noise and olfactory nuisances. Indeed, of many complaints have been filed for endangering the life of others and failure to assist a person in danger. Justice will be responsible for deciding and closing these ongoing cases.

Enedis forced to install protective filters

Unfortunately for Enedis, the situation is far from ideal. The group’s image keeps getting tarnished with all these problems and accusations. And for this story of wires attacked by insects, the manager of the electricity distribution network was imposed installation of protective filters by the court in charge of the case. But if this approach is not satisfactory, Enedis could be forced tocompensate affected households by this problem. And the damages could reach up to 500 euros per household.

What is certain is that all these stories will not help convince those who are resistant to the Linky counter. Even if the latter are forced to send their own statements, they continue to rise against this facility illegal according to them. In addition, these resistance fighters now have new arguments that they intend to use to postpone the installation of this smart meter again and again.