Linky meter, tariff shield, housing tax: the terrible news has fallen and will begin in January 2023

The French will see change from January 1, 2023. Several areas are affected. Like the energy tariff shield, the Linky meter and the housing tax. But what will happen exactly? This is what we are going to see right away. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

What changes for the Linky meter?

Overall, there will be no changes for those who have a Linky meter. On the other hand, there will be some for the refractory French. Indeed, the latter will be penalized from January 2023, as provided for in the CRE (Energy Regulation Commission). And the least we can say is that it concerns no less than 3.8 million people. Concretely, what will happen? Well, it’s very simple. Those who have not sent their consumption index once every twelve months will pay €8.30. Which equates to €49.80 excl. VAT per year until they accept to replace the old electricity meter in their home with a Linky meter.

Tariff shield limited to 15% until June 30, 2023

Faced with the rise in energy prices, the State has therefore decided to extend the tariff shield. It will therefore be extended, but limited to 15% from January 2023. According to the public authorities, households should see their gas bill increase by €25 per month. Against an increase of €200 without the shield. It’s still not bad, right? This extension concerns all households, social housing, condominiums, small businesses and the smallest municipalities.

Other changes from 2023

Apart from the Linky meter and tariff shield, it will also be the end of the housing tax. A change that is welcome for the 20% of tax households. The latter will not have to pay that of 2022 in 2023. On the other hand, it is still due for those who own second homes. On the other hand, if you have left your main residence to enter a specialized reception establishment, you are then exempt from housing tax on secondary residences for your former accommodation.

Finally, the French will also see an evolution of aid for renovation work. Pretty good, isn’t it? It’s even perfect if you want to do renovation work in 2023. The goal is to increase the number of projects allowing energy savings to be made, in a worrying context of soaring prices. The public-service then specifies that you must make “the request for assistance from January 1, 2023 and its cost at €5,000 including tax. It’s your turn.