Lio, Angelina Jolie, Elodie Gossuin… These stars at the head of a (very) large family

According to the INSEE definition, a family is said to be large when it includes three or more children. Definition that applies to many stars, starting with Eddy Murphy who had ten children with four different women! Mel Gibson is hot on his heels with nine children from three different relationships: his first wife Robyn Moor gave him seven children, then he had a girl with Oksana Grigorieva and a boy with Rosalind Ross.

In France, the singer Lio had six children from four different fathers. Elodie Gossuin had four children… in just two pregnancies. In 2007, the former Miss France and wife of Bertrand Lacherie had a first father of dizygotic twins, Jules and Rose, before giving birth to another pair, Léonard and Joséphine, in 2013.

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Surrogates and adoptions

Many stars find themselves at the head of a large family after having adopted. This is particularly the case of Angelina Jolie who adopted a first child, Maddox, in Cambodia in 2001, after going there for the filming of “Tomb Raider”. In 2005, she adopted Zahara from Ethiopia. Children who will be adopted by Brad Pitt after the start of their relationship. Together they had three biological children, first Shiloh, born in 2006, just before they adopted Pax in Vietnam, then twins Knox and Vivienne, in 2008. Madonna, who had two biological children, Lourdes and Rocco , also used adoption for David, Mercy and twins Esther and Stella.

Finally, there are the stars who have used surrogate mothers to create or expand their family. We can cite Cristiano Ronaldo, who had his first three children by surrogate mothers or Kim Kardashian who, after giving birth to a boy and a girl, chose surrogacy to avoid the risks of pregnancy.

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