Lio: How did her sister Helena Noguerra save her from the domestic violence she suffered?

Lio had lived a real nightmare that she will never forget when she was in a relationship with Alexis Zad in the 90s. The artist often beat the interpreter of Banana Split, which had made him suffer a lot. However, the young woman had made the decision to denounce this domestic violence only later, with the help of her sister. Because of this experience that Lio had gone through, is now very committed to the defense of women. Thus, on March 29, we will find Lio in the credits of the TV movie entitled “She saved me” broadcast on M6. The film was inspired by the true story of Laura Rapp who survived an attempted homicide by her husband in 2018. Indeed, Laura Rapp’s companion had strangled her in front of their daughter. It is a chilling story that reminds Lio of the sad experience she too had suffered years ago.

Lio would never have made it without his sister

Lio had filed a complaint against the violence of his companion at the time, but she admitted having done so too late. The singer explained in the columns of Gala that when you tolerate the first blows, there is no limit and it is very difficult to get out of it.

Fortunately, there was his younger sister who supported her. She was the one who helped Lio open his eyes. Helena had indeed gone to an association of battered women to tell the story of her sister. It was this association that had given her advice to help Lio become aware of the risk she was running.