“Lion’s Cave” star Georg Kofler is a “bad person”

Ex-girlfriend settles accounts with investor

“Lion’s Cave” star Georg Kofler is a “bad person”

There are serious allegations that Georg Kofler’s ex-girlfriend Veronika Scholze raises against him. The TV investor, who can be seen regularly on “The Lion’s Den”, is said to be like “the big bad wolf”.

About a Monday ago, the separation of Georg Kofler (65) and his girlfriend Veronika Scholze (46) became known. Now the “Lion’s Cave” investor shows up with his new partner Isabel Grupp (36) at a gala. According to the “Handelsblatt”, Grupp is one of the 50 best entrepreneurs in Germany.

Scholze and Kofler were a couple for a little over three years. She spoke to “Bild” about her ex-partner – and her allegations are tough. The entrepreneur, who runs a real estate agency, says: “My view of this man after three years is shocking.” For a long time she couldn’t believe that a person could be like that. “People like him disguise themselves like the big bad wolf chalked his paws on.”