Lis Vega charmed her followers with a tight dress, very beautiful

Being one of the women most admired for her beauty and talent on Mexican television, Lis Vega once again left her followers completely amazed by sharing a couple of photos where she modeled more than perfect in an outfit full of femininity, making it very clear that like her there are no two.

In the reel of photos posted on her official Instagram account, she is seen wearing a navy blue dress with white polka dots that is quite tight on the body, faithfully drawing each of its sinuous curvesin order to flaunt the results that your efforts in the gym have allowed you to enjoy.

It is not for less, Lisa Vega At 44 years of age, he has made it very clear that he remains as if he were 20, since he maintains an impressive figure achieved through effort and perseverance in his daily life, as he has shown for years with his community of fans on the internet.

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The look chosen for today, May 10, left her shoulders free, allowing her admirers to see the numerous tattoos that adorn the area with great delicacy. But that was not all that attracted attention on social networks, but also that the fountain of eternal youth seems to accompany her since she keeps her impeccable face.

Lis Vega enchanted her followers with a tight dress, very beautiful. Source: Instagram


It doesn’t take much production for her features to look their best, a few touches of makeup were enough. The protagonists this time were his fleshy and large lipsinviting you not to stop looking at them while your smile widens.

Not for nothing Lisa Vega She is nicknamed the “Urban Poet”, because she always looks for the perfect words for the right moment. In this post posted on her feed, she was giving away some thoughts regarding the way she lives her life to always stay positive and happy.


The publication of Lisa Vega He had an excellent reception from his followers on Instagram, achieving that the post had a huge number of likes and comments praising his physique less than 7 hours after its publication.

“Congratulations love because you are a mamacita”, “Nice afternoon, precious. Kisses”, “Hello beautiful, have a nice day, greetings”, “My pretty lady you are the apple of my eyes”, were some of the messages of love most prominent.

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