Lis Vega does not hesitate to show off her big heart in a flirtatious selfie

Proving that she has earned the nickname “La Poeta de lo Urbano”, Lis Vega shared her reflections through a post on her Instagram account, where she also attached a photograph showing off the good results of her healthy lifestyle. figure.

The businesswoman keeps dressing with the latest fashion trends, without exception in her training outfits. The vedette joined the psychedelic trend with a representative print of the movement in the colors blue and gray, the ideal combo to highlight her tanned skin.

The selfie was shared on their social networks, to once again fall in love with the hearts of their 1.2 million followers. At 42 years old Lisa Vega She owns herself, showing herself to the public with great confidence and that brilliant personality that has characterized her since her beginnings in the world of entertainment.

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In the foreground you can see the features of the Cuban’s face, which caused great controversy after appearing on the small screen after two years away from the cameras in the Televisa studios, the production house that opened the doors for her to start her career. artistic.

Lis Vega does not hesitate to show off her big heart in a flirtatious selfie. Source: Instagram

Since ever Lisa Vega has proven to be much more than his attractiveness, because his reflections and way of leading his life despite adversity, make it clear that he has his own philosophy open to learning from everything that happens to him.

On this occasion, she wrote about the importance of looking for oneself and the methods she uses to connect with her inner needs, in order not to lose the light that exists within her.

“Your vision will become clearer when you look into your heart […] Practice meditation, give yourself times in silence and you will find all the answers” is a fragment of what he wrote at the bottom of the photograph.

Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside wakes up,” he said.

During an interview offered for the program ‘First hand’, the dancer recounted everything that happened in her life during the two years of the pandemic and how she managed to get out of the economic hole in which her ex-partner had sunk her. She also shared her projects and how she is carrying them out.

No doubt Lisa Vega She is a strong woman full of potential, as she shows that she has a great vision within the entertainment industry that, by coming into contact with her ambitions and dreams, has led her to come out of such disastrous storms that shook her entire life.

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