Lis Vega shares how she enjoys herself at 55 in an orange top

Cuban artist Lis Vega is recognized by the Mexican public for being one of the most beautiful women on Mexican television, who is constantly sharing visual material that raises the temperature on social networks. And it is that at 55 years of age she is spectacularly preserved.

Those who have been following the actress for a long time on her official Instagram account know that she likes to publish her day-to-day activities to involve her followers in her daily life. Characteristic that has made its community grow on the internet on a large scale during the last year, reaching almost two million followers.

On this occasion he was publishing a photograph where he is seen enjoying his body fully, enjoying life to the fullest. In said entertainment material, Lisa Vega She wore a worked silhouette in an orange top, letting the attention focus on her defined abs.

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The post was made on the occasion of a collaboration with the clothing store Karely Herrera Store, with which he has already been seen working on previous occasions. The two garments used by the star were the striking top and ripped mom jeans.

In addition, we were also able to learn a little more about his new home, when he moved a few days ago, opening a new stage and unlocking another achievement. Although you can only see the large window and part of the natural decoration, it is enough to know the good taste of the beautiful dancer and singer.

Lis Vega shares how she enjoys herself at 55 in an orange top. Source: Instagram

She also honored her nickname “The Urban Poet” with the deep reflection in the description of the post, in which she wrote her thoughts about how being satisfied with what you have and with your hard work can contribute to leading a more happy. “Loving every process of my life in eternal gratitude #free flight,” she reads to herself in part.


Lisa Vega She was massively praised by the users of the little camera’s social network, who left their reactions and countless comments acclaiming each part of her body and flattering her in ingenious ways.

“You are incredible! I adore you! Always thank you, thank you, thank you”, “My beautiful cubanita”, “Everything is wow”, “Have a nice afternoon”, “You are a goddess Lis, you dance super father. I am Miss Ballet , I hope one day to get to dance like you”, “Lis I know that you will do great in all your projects. Take care of yourself. Blessings”, were some of the comments in the post of Lisa Vega.

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