Lis Vega shares in red more than a special moment alone

In red! This is how the beautiful vedette Lis Vega mobilized social networks by sharing a moment alone from her bathtub and all the beauty that characterizes this talented and famous actress.

The Cuban shared a photograph on social networks in which she can be admired in a more than flirtatious set of two-piece red non-exteriors, which highlighted the beautiful tone of her skin and her prominent curves and attributes.

With the outfit in question Lisa Vega He revealed that he has one of the most beautiful figures of the Mexican show, with a flat abdomen, a small waist, beautiful legs and unique attributes.

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The beautiful participant of Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy complemented her image with very professional makeup, her abundant dark hair very relaxed and also showing off some of her tattoos.


Lis Vega posed from inside her white bathtub with a more than flirtatious pose, standing on her side and bringing one of her hands to her head while one of her legs stretches it a little.

The Televisa star shared the photograph in question on his official Instagram account on May 16, surpassing 18,000 reactions on the famous social network; complementing her publication with a very characteristic message from La Poeta de lo Urbano and sending good night to her followers.

Lisa Vega She is currently having a great performance in the reality show of the Hoy Program, Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy, as it is well known that this beautiful woman is a talented dancer, which is why her dance partner is being very pressured to reach her level in track.

But things have been quite tense in this program, as it was revealed that one of its participants left the Televisa facilities by ambulance directly to the hospital. The celebrity in question was nothing more and nothing less than Marie Claire Harp, current partner of José Maniel Figueroa.

It transpired that the beautiful Bandamax host had a strong fall in one of the rehearsals with her dance partner and this caused her to end up extremely affected and left immobilized on a stretcher to the hospital.

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