Lisa Kudrow says yes to a ‘Friends’ reboot on one condition

this is lisa kudrow's condition for a friends reboot

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    ‘Friends’ is one of our favorite series, and it is that years later we still remember some scenes as if we had seen them yesterday (unlike what happens to Courteney Cox, ahem). We’re not lying to you if we tell you that a ‘reboot’ of it would be our dream come true. Our dear Lisa Kudrow has spoken about this issue… and well, we have bad news to give you.

    During her last interview with ‘Where Is The Buzz’, the actress has shared her opinion about a possible return of ‘Friends’. Well, don’t expect to see Phoebe singing her iconic ‘Smelly Cat’ again, because that’s not going to happen. In reality, it’s highly unlikely that a ‘Friends’ reboot is ever going to happen. “I don’t think there will be a return of Friends”said Lisa Kudrow. “I mean, not with any of us,” she clarified. We are heartbroken right now.

    The one who played one of the best characters in the series has said that she would be in favor of a ‘reboot’, but only if it is done with other actors. “But a turn… if they hire other actors? I would like to see that” said Lisa. “I’d love to see what the current version of that would look like.”

    lisa kudrow tells her condition for a reboot of friends

    The protagonists of ‘Friends’ in a file photo.

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    Wow, everything indicates that their reunion last year was the closest we got to a return of ‘Friends’. A special that made us tear up the occasional tear and hallucinate with the little details that they told us (like that in the first season Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer liked each other).

    Well, we always have to do a marathon of the best episodes. Courteney Cox told which are her favorites, and the truth is that we quite agree with her selection.

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