Livia Brito and the relationship with the protagonist of Nobody’s Woman

Livia Brito is about to start the new production of “No man’s wife” on Televisa, where he will act alongside the actor, Marcus Ornellas. What is the type of relationship you have with your new collaborator?

In the past, the TV actressLivia Brito, has been romantically linked with some of her collaborators, such was the case of José Ron in “Italian girl comes to marry”.

Also, during the recording of the novel “The Heartless” where he shared credits with the “tapatío” again, versions emerged of supposed distance between the histrionic, and his companions of this production, with whom apparently, Livia Brito “he lived very little”.

Livia Brito, this is the relationship with Marcus Ornellas. Photo: Capture Instagram

Now, it transpired, how is Livia Brito’s relationship with her peers? “Nobody’s Woman”, which will be headed by the also actress of “The Perfect Dictatorship” and the husband of the actress, Ariadne Díaz.

It was through her Instagram account where Livia Brito Pestana shared with her faithful community of 6.9 million aLIVIAnados, some of the previews of the recordings of the new melodrama inspired by “empire of lies” and “Fall into temptation.”

In the middle of the images you can see some of the acting figures who will also collaborate in this new production in which, of course, the Brazilian actor also appeared.

Netizens were able to see how is the relationship between the “model” and the also actor of “Si nos dejan”, it can be stated that they get along wonderfully! The chemistry between them is perceptible in the stories that the also presenter of “Dancing for a Dream” shared on her official account.

The actress of the play, “The postman” and the “Brazilian model” were very happy about the new project and would even joke about the romance that they will have to carry out in front of the cameras.

The production by Giselle González began on March 8, the day the entire team met to make the start of the recordings official along with a mass to bless the new project.

Which some other sites refer to, is an adaptation of “Loving you is my sin” telenovela launched in 2004 and starring Yadhira Carrillo and Sergio Sendel.

Brito, who will consolidate his career in productions such as “Triunfo del amor” (2010), “La Piloto”, (2017-2018), “Abyss of Passion” (2012), “I love you” (2013-2014 ), among others, will share credits with Azela Robinson, Verónica Merchant, Ale Müller, Carmen Aub, Francisco Pizaña, among others.