Livia Brito in a short top is the “fittest” with marked abs

Cuban television actress who rose to fame in productions like “the pilot” (2017-2018), more and more followers fall in love with the spectacular figure that Livia Brito has as the “fittest” with marked “abs”.

Wearing a crop top and a pair of jeans, the Cuban He boasted the marked abdominal area that he has maintained with constant training routines, according to what he has documented on his social networks.

It should be said that Livia Brito is one of the most popular on the Instagram platform, where she has more than 7 million followers, who faithfully follow in the footsteps of the promoter of physical beauty.

the interpreter of “The Heartless“, 36 years old, has shared some keys and tips to reduce more measurements thanks to the “wonder girdle” and “always fit” products with which the “alloyoga” ambassador has obtained excellent results which she has documented to her subscribers.

Recently, Livia Brito Pestana, whom many also remember after her screen debut in the telenovela, “Triumph of Love” in 2010 and which was also followed by other successful melodramas.

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It was “No man’s wife“, one of the last participations of the popular figure of “Tik Tok” after the one born in Havana shared with her admirers that she would pause Brito Pestana’s career to carry out personal projects, including becoming in mother, he noted.


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