Livia Brito, in full recording, would be caught red-handed

Livia Brito was very uninhibited as she is, in a very personal moment in front of the camera in the middle of the recordings of her new telenovela: “Nobody’s Woman”.

The “TV actress“, Livia Brito, who appeared in productions such as “Triunfo del Amor” (2010) in which she debuted as “Fernánda Sandoval”, conquering viewers years later in the series “the pilot(2017-2018) shares a new photo to her 6.9 million subscribers on Instagram.

The also actress of famous Televisa titles such as “abyss of passion” (2012), “That I love you I love you” (2013-2014) or “Italian girl is coming to get married” (2014-2015) has become one of the favorites of the platform in which she inspires her followers.

Livia Brito shares a personal moment in “Nobody’s Woman”. Photo: Capture Instagram

The famous 35-year-old, Livia Brito, is characterized in the new character with which she stars in the new production of Giselle González in which she acts alongside Marcus Ornellas, her sentimental partner in this story that would be inspired by past melodramas.

“My #bebesdelight a normal day in recordings during my cut to eat, I always carry my meals in my tupperware and I can not miss my thermos that I love with hot water that I fill about 10 times a day #offersthatflower, reads another’s comment of the “Queens of Tik Tok”.

The reactions did not wait for the “daughter of actor Rolando Brito and Gertrudis Pestana”, who appears enjoying a break to eat some food with the food that she prepares to tolerate the long recording sessions.

The remembered presenter of “Dancing for a Dream” She has shown herself to her faithful “aLIVIAnados” as a very fit woman, so her new projects are not an impediment for “Livi” to neglect her eating habits, since this greatly influences her physical performance when training.

Of course, the reactions were not lacking in the publication of the controversial actress, who along with her partner, Mariano Martínez, was singled out for her past disagreements with a member of the press and from whom she has apparently been able to free herself.

The first to comment on the photograph was the actress Marjorie de Sousa, who dedicated several emojis to the “originally from Ciégo de Ávila, Cuba” who smiles with an air of sorrow at the camera while enjoying a snack.

The compliments towards the interpreter of “Médicos: Línea de vida” were not lacking in the publication where Brito Pestana shows off his new image.

These were some of the messages dedicated to the theater actress of the last staging: “El Cartero”.

How beautiful you are, have a nice afternoon take care of yourself.

But how pretty you look

Haaa, sweetie kisses,

Ricoo, I adore you my Pilota.

aww so pretty

The most beautiful.

It can be prettier.

Do not drink so much water, it can harm you, nothing in excess. Greetings beautiful woman.

“Triumph of Love” (2010) Fernanda Sandoval
“Abyss of Passion” (2012) Paloma González
“That I love you I love you” (2013-2014) Natalia García Pabuena
“Italian Girl Comes to Marry” (2014-2015), Fiorella Bianchi
“La Piloto” (March 7 (2017-2018): Two seasons)
“Doctors: Lifeline” (2019-2020) Régina Villaseñor
“Uncontrolled” (2018)
“Dancing for a dream” (2014)
“Flying Low”, “The Perfect Dictatorship”
“I don’t know whether to cut my veins or leave them long” (2013)