Livia Brito is hospitalized in an emergency: “I got sick”

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- The Cuban actress Livia Brito aroused concern in the last few hours after announcing through her social networks that she had been admitted to a hospital in an emergency

It was through Instagram that the 35-year-old artist reported that her health was not quite right, along with a photograph where she can be seen lying on a hospital bed, with an intravenous in her left hand.

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“And so my night last night until 5:30 am I got sick babies,” wrote the heroine of ‘La Desalmada’.

However, the Cuban did not specify what is the disease that afflicts her and did not give more details about what is happening to her.

Until now, everything remains unknown, but, from the words he shared, it follows that he would have already been discharged.

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Since March of this year, Livia has been filming the telenovela ‘Nobody’s Woman’ in Mexican territory, a story produced by Giselle González for Televisa Univision.

In this melodrama, the actress plays Lucía Arizmendi, a young woman who lives with her father in San Jacinto, Puebla, and with whom she has built a very close and loving relationship. In the production, she has as a partner Marcus Ornellas.

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