Livia Brito, just and necessary to make them fall in love underwater

Livia Brito has worked much harder in recent weeks for what a moment she shared with her fans would mean for the “cuban“As if he had achieved glory.

The “TV actress“, Livia Brito, is one day away from the premiere of her new participation in “Nobody’s Woman” so after long days of recording, which also alternated with her frequent activity on social networks.

The famous interpreter of “the pilot” She took a few minutes to take a relaxing bath in the tub, a moment that she described as “just and necessary” as shown in the video clip that she also shared with her faithful “LIVIAnados” as she calls her followers.

In the images you can see Livia Brito from a bathtub and in which she captured the moment in which she showed almost most of her legs, which are shown inside a bathtub in which she would remain for a few minutes.

Livia Brito shows more in the bathtub than anyone imagined. Photo: Capture Instagram

Livia Brito Pestana, who will debut in telenovelas as “Triumph of LoveIn 2010, she consolidated her career in the novel series in which she gave life to “Yolanda Cadena” in two seasons (2017-2018).

What has led her to be identified in several places inside and outside of Mexico, now after the past success she achieved with The Heartlessthe beautiful “model” with hazel eyes, returns in a new story directed by Giselle González.

Some of the scenes in this new story, “No man’s wife“They would cost Livia Brito hours of sleep, which she shared with her followers through some of the clips on her official networks.

However, the Instagram celebrity with 7.1 million did not lose heart and stayed close to his entourage of followers through some of these posts shared on both Instagram and Tik Tok, an application where he has also stood out with 11 million subscribers. to your profile.

The colleague from Televisa, who has appeared in successful stories since “Abyss of Passion“(2012),” I love you I love you” (2013-2014), “Italian girl comes to get married” (2014-2015) and “Doctors: Lifeline” (2019-2020), were some of his first shares.

The 35-year-old native of Ciégo de Ávila, Livia Brito Pestana, returns again in prime time at 09:30 pm this June 13 on Las Estrellas, sharing credits with Marcus Ornellas who will star in the last production of “Si nos leave”.

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