Livia Brito, leaves La Desalmada in the past with a new look

Livia Brito, who officially started the recordings in “No man’s wife“, reappears in a new photo in which she shows a complete transformation in an ivory dress.

True to her long hair, the TV actresshad to accept the new challenges that came with his new participation in Woman of Nobody, the new production headed by Livia Brito herself and Marcus Ornellas.

The native of Ciego de Ávila, Cuba, looks completely different in a new postcard in which the “influencer” She appears in a short dress with a belt of the same fabric that gave greater definition to her waist area, but what is undoubtedly more surprising is her hair, which she now wears below her shoulders.

Livia Brito, Nobody’s Woman transforms her into an ivory dress. Photo: Capture Instagram

the pilot“(2017-2018), he had to get rid of several centimeters of his black hair, which apparently would have refused to modify it to such a radical style, remembering his past productions since his beginnings in “Triumph of Love” (2010), in which he debuted in 2010, now the “Instagram celebrity” with 6.9 subscribers, lives in the present as he says in his latest publication.

Live your present to create your own history and future #bebedeluz, I send you lots of kisses @alo #liviabrito.

A set of postcards that the endearing actress of various productions such as “Abyss of Passion“(2012),” That I love you I love you” (2013-2014), “Italian girl comes to get married” (2014-2015) shared from the platform 16 hours ago, they show a more youthful and modern style with a set of @aloyoga and tennis matching the color of the garment, Livia Brito Pestana also models in front of a mirror.

Netizens and loyal regulars who follow in the footsteps of the also reality show host like “Dancing for a Dream” (2014) immediately showered her with various compliments, reactions, and a total of 92,895 likes.

The soulless one, I love you Livi, My girl, how divine you are a baby of light, More beautiful every day, You are the most beautiful, You are very good, Precious, Beautiful perfection, it is read in some of the comments.

Just as the interpreter of the last tenovela “La Desalmada” showed in recent days, a video in which she shared behind the scenes of the recordings of the production headed by Giselle González and in which the born on July 21, 1986 will embody a star role.

Likewise, the actress from films like “The Perfect Dictatorship” showed the results after her new image change, which makes her wear short hair in several layers and with a fringe in front, which apparently gives her a fresher look. her face and her new figure in general.

Currently, Livia Brito has worn fewer kilos after her constant discipline to the same hard training routines in which she is frequently advised by her sentimental partner and personal trainer, Mariano Martínez.