Livia Brito like never seen, they capture her very affectionately on video

Livia Brito showed that love is present in her family and is demonstrated at every moment, that is how in a video she appeared very affectionate with her mother and company, where she also boasts to her fans how spoiled she is: “Familia Time” read at the bottom of the post.

A few days to celebrate the “Mother’s day“, the actressLivia Brito, starred in a very emotional video while she was relaxing enjoying a family moment.

In a short clip, the artist of “Cuban” origin, Livia Brito Pestana, 35, presented a part of her family with whom she appears without a drop of makeup and in what seems to be a moment of rest in the midst of the hard days of recording.

Livia Brito celebrated Mother’s Day in her own way, on video. Photo: Capture Instagram

It was a few days after “Mother’s Day” was celebrated, when the remembered actress of “Triumph of Love“He reappeared in some images where he ends up being kissed by what would be his mother, the former ballet dancer, Gertrudis Pestana.

The “daughter of actor Rolando Brito” and her mother appear together with two little girls who smile at the camera while resting placidly from what looks like a large rocking chair full of cushions, so they seem very comfortable while modeling for the camera.

At one point, the mother of the remembered presenter of “Dancing for a Dream” He approaches the face of the histrionic and gives her a couple of thunderous kisses on the cheek.

The video circulated from Instagram stories, a platform where the actress of “the pilot” (2017-2018) and other famous productions such as “Italian girl comes to marry” (2014-2015), “Ab1smo de pas1ón” (2012), etc., has become one of the most popular figures on the social network, with more than 7 million followers.

It was recently that the interpreter of “The Heartlesswho is currently recording “Nobody’s Woman”, enthusiastically shared the news with her faithful “aLIVIAnados”, as well as the new users whom she thanked for their support on this social network.

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