Livia Brito responded to the accusations of kidnapping against her boyfriend: she denied knowing the stylist she denounced | Famous

Mariano Martínez, boyfriend of Livia Brito, was legally denounced

In today’s broadcast of the ‘Ventaneando’ program, the meeting between Enrique, ‘Kike’, Hernández, who presented himself as a stylist, and the personal trainer was announced.

According to his testimony, on June 10, Livia Brito’s partner contacted him through social networks to find out about his work and even made him believe that there was the possibility that one day he would work with the soap opera actress.

After that first approach, Mariano Martínez summoned him to his apartment to do “an aesthetic service”. As detailed by the affected party, after that meeting “everything was super good”, however, the next day:

“He writes to me and tells me ‘I was checking the cameras and it looks like you misplaced a bag with my documents’.

Under this argument, the nutrition consultant also approached the stylist again, although on that occasion he went to look for him outside his home, in a van.

According to the complaint filed in the evening paper, Mariano Martínez asked Kike to accompany him to his office to see the recordings of the security camera and he agreed.

Upon arriving at the scene, the accusation changed and now he told her that he had stolen money from her and wanted her to return it.

Because the young man had no way, the coach and another man tied his hands and feet and deprived him of his freedom for several hours. It was not until that night, when Livia Brito’s partner allegedly changed his attitude and told him to go out to dinner, that he was able to escape from her.

Livia Brito reacted to the accusations against her partner

Just a few hours after the testimony came out on national television, the star of Nobody’s Woman took a stand on the matter.

In his Instagram stories he published a series of videos in which he assured:

“I have no idea what is going on. (…) I do not know this person who is using my name to make himself famous. He’s not my stylist, I never hired him, I don’t know him live, I don’t know him through chat (…) I don’t know who he is, I have no idea what’s going on. I just know that he is using my name to get famous.”

In that sense, he asked that “they take me out of this problem and stop mentioning me.”

For his part, Mariano Martínez has not given any statement in this regard.