Livia Brito, start countdown in Nobody’s Woman

Livia Brito, who after the success of “La Desalmada” in 2021 will return to the small screen with the character of “Lucía Arizmendi” in the recent production of “No man’s wife” which is currently being premiered on Televisa, launches an announcement: “The countdown begins”.

In a recent post, the actress Livia Brito, who plays the role of “Lucia Arizmendi“He shared an image that he accompanied with a news item in which he anticipates that he is in the final stretch.

Now if my #bebesdeluz begins the countdown to finish the recordings of “Mujerdenadie. This week is already the last week of recording…Tell me…Do you like it? #liviabrito #lucia #Mujerdenadie #actriz

The remembered actress who debuted in productions like ”
Triumph of Love“(2010) and will consolidate his career in “La Piloto” by appearing in two seasons (2017-2018), among others, he is just finishing the recordings of this great production of Las Estrellas.

So the famous, born on July 21, 1986, Livia Brito Pestana, who will turn 36 in a few days, would also take the opportunity to question her fans and find out their opinion on this new plot in which she also shares credits with him. actor, Marcus Ornellas.

the featured
instagram celebrity with 7.2 million followers, who wears a black dress in the middle of one of the scenes of the melodrama, which can be followed every night from 9:30 pm on Televisa, did not take long to receive comments on the publication shared ago one day

“I love it”, “I enjoy you in Abismo de Pasión and obviously in #MujerdeNadie”, “Hii”, “Wow”, “Need U”, “How beautiful”, “Yes, I love it”, “You are incredible, beautiful and wonderful, “Greetings Beautiful !!!”, “You look incredible, beautiful and very elegant woman”, “Beautiful”, “Obviously yes !!!”, “They are all actresses !!”, “Beautiful My idol”, “Lucia’s Change of Look in Nobody’s Woman I Love It”, “How beautiful!”, “I love you liviaaaaa”.

They were some of the messages that the faithful “alienated” as the remembered presenter of ”
Dancing for a Dream“, she calls her virtual community, who shower her with support and praise.

It should be remembered that currently the “daughter of
Rolando Brito” (actor) and the former classical ballet dancer, Gertrudis Pestana, has a career in other Televisa melodramas.

The “Cuban”, who also participated in cinema and theater, has ventured into the platforms with great success, which is why she is also one of the “queens of Tik Tok” where she accumulates 11 million followers.

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