Livia Brito thus reappears on Instagram Christmas for her fans

The television actress reappeared from her official account on the platform with a recent publication linked to Christmas, fans of Livia Brito noticed the new activity of the interpreter of “La Desalmada” 11 hours ago.

The acclaimed protagonist of “the pilot“He published a couple of new stories from his account where currently the one born in Havana sent a short message this December 24 and 25.

It should be remembered that the star figure in “No man’s wife“He announced to his followers that he would take a break in his career, however, the famous 36-year-old maintains his constant activity on the platform, so after this Christmas, Livia Brito did not go unnoticed on the date.

With a short video clip, the actress who debuted in “Triumph of Love“In 2010, Livia Brito Pestana, captured her “Christmas tree” and congratulated her more than 7 million followers this Sunday, December 25: “Merry Christmas” reads the message next to the Christmas tree.

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This while the popular Mariah Carey song plays in the background: “All I want for Christmas is You“, in addition to other clips that accompanied some of Brito’s first videos when celebrating this special date.


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