Livia Brito, wastes beauty in a choreography: “Bai la me”

Livia Brito has been highlighted as one of the queens of tik tok and a new video where she wears a flirtatious red dress would be reason enough for that.

Famous for productions like “the pilot“, “Triumph of love” (2010), the latter where the actressLivia Brito, will debut on the small screen, has stood out as one of the favorites of this and other platforms such as Instagram.

With nearly 10 million users subscribed to your account, Livia Brito She has won the hearts of many by sharing frequent content on the popular social network in which she would perform a new dance with a flirty red dress.

The one born on July 21, 1986, Livia Brito Pestana, posted a new video in which she appears with a new choreography with which she once again ignited the spirits of all her followers.

Livia Brito in a red dress lights up with dance on Tik Tok. Photo: Instagram capture

With a series of coquettish steps, today’s interpreter of “No man’s wife“, appears from a well-lit room while moving to the rhythm of the lyrics “Throwing it ‘Pa up PA QUE baile’ GOGO, describes the phrase that accompanies a capture of the video.

In another of the messages that appear in the image, a text is read in which the also interpreter of “Italian girl comes to get married“, “Abismo de Pas!ón” (2012), “I love you I love you” (2013-2014) among many others, added at the bottom of the recording where he calls his followers.


In the midst of the intense days of recording, the “originally from Ciégo de Ávila, Cuba“He took some time to update his content on the application, where he has also documented several of the most important scenes in the new production that he is preparing with a great cast.

The new telenovela under the baton of the producer, Giselle González, has absorbed a large part of the time of the endearing presenter of “Dancing for a Dream“Although despite this, the also popular on Instagram, with 7.1 million followers, has found a way to continue doing what she likes the most.

Dancing and sharing posts on social networks are some of the things that Livia Brito Pestana has highlighted, she enjoys it to the fullest, which she also combines with her love of exercise where she has a disciplined routine with which she has also left her fans more how impressed.

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