Livia Brito’s boyfriend is accused of kidnapping, torture and threats

Mariano Martínez, boyfriend of Livia Brito is accused of kidnapping, torture and threats. Once again Livia Brito and her boyfriend Mariano Martínez are in the eye of the hurricane, although this time the Cuban actress asks not to be involved in the conflict. It turns out that the makeup artist and costume designer, Enrique Hernández, reported him to the authorities for alleged kidnapping, torture and threats.

The makeup artist revealed in an interview for the Ventaneando program that on Friday, June 10, Mariano Martínez contacted him on Instagram for a possible job offer and link him with his girlfriendso he summoned him for June 14 to talk about it.

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“I went at around 11 in the morning, I was at his house for about 40 minutes, everything went very well, I did my aesthetic service, I left the place and it was until the next day, Wednesday, June 15, when he write and tell me ‘I was checking the cameras and it looks like a bag with my documents was misplaced‘”, narrated the fashionista on his Instagram account.

For this reason, he once again quoted Enrique Hernández, who appears on Instagram as Kike Hernández, who narrated: “He asks for my address and phone number […] I agree and he writes to me ‘I’m out of your house’, that’s when I go out, He got me into his truck, he told me ‘let’s go to my office which is in the Northern Divisionso we can check the cameras’”.

Moments later he assured that he was deprived of his liberty and received threats that put his life at risk: “That’s when they put me in the apartment and told me ‘Look, things are like this, you were in my house, that bag was lost with money. And I’m just telling you, either you show up the bag or we’ll disappear here.’”

Supposedly in the bag there were no documents but around 50 thousand dollars, for which the make-up artist assures that he suffered a series of aggressions: “I did not understand anything. At that moment he makes a sign to his partner and they bring the ropes, they tied a shirt on me and placed some ropes on top, they took my cell phone, they took the password from my cell phone”.

The fashionista explains that later they wrote to their roommate pretending to be him: “as if I were saying ‘hey, how are you? I forgot something at home and a friend is going to look for it’, and he left with my keys, Mariano came out with my keys and left me with his partner”.

Enrique Hernández says that the other subject took a knife from him “He sat in front of me and began to sharpen it, and he began to pass the knife across my face, and the moment he picked me up he put it on my back and I said ‘here he is going to give me the first stab’, I felt ”.

But supposedly the intimidation did not end there because he narrates that after the subject unbuttoned his pants: “He left me sitting on the piece of furniture and he was like that the whole time, like doing things to me to scare me, he tightened the rope on me, like for 4 or 5 hours”.

The alleged victim explains that he was released at about 10 p.m. when Mariano returned, but with a different attitude and apologizing.: “’Kike, sorry, I took an attitude that was not correct, you know what? You haven’t eaten anything all day, don’t worry.’” At that time, he says that he took advantage of an oversight by Mariano and his partner to flee the scene.

The fashion consultant explained that, although he is afraid of the reprisals that Livia or her partner take against him, he decided to go to the authorities to file a formal complaint to do justice to the kidnapping and threats he suffered. At the same time, He attached a photo of the document presented to the Prosecutor’s Office in which it is stated that an investigation folder has already been started.

At the same time, Livia asked to be released from these facts Assuring that he has no knowledge of the situation, he even said that he does not know Enrique and accused him of using his name to make himself known.

This event occurs a little over two years after the Cuban woman and her boyfriend Mariano Martínez were accused of assaulting a photographer, allegedly for stealing his work material on the beaches of Cancun, Quintana Roo.

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