Livia Brito’s boyfriend is denounced for KIDNAPPING before the Prosecutor’s Office

The makeup artist and designer Kike Hernández denounced Mariano Martínez, Livia Brito’s boyfriend, for alleged kidnapping on June 15 before the Attorney General’s Office.

“I am afraid and scared of what might happen,” Hernández says in a video posted on his social networks, where he recounts that the actress’s boyfriend contacted him, they met and the next day he accused him of having stolen a bag with his documents. He recounted that when they met to resolve the situation, Mariano presumably tied him up by the hands and feet, with the help of a “supposed cousin.”

“We entered an apartment and there they tied my hands, my feet, they took my cell phone. Mariano asked me for the password to my cell phone. He took my cell phone and pretended to be me, he wrote to my roommate telling him that he something had been left and that a friend was going to look for him and he left, and I stayed with his supposed cousin, “he narrated in his video.

When Mariano returned, he untied him, gave him back his phone, apologized and invited him to dinner, but Hernández fled: “I remembered that the supposed cousin told me that they were going to kill me, but not in that apartment; then, I imagined that They wanted to move me to another place and I fled”.

It should be noted that Mariano was also pointed out, along with Livia Brito, of having hit the paparazzo Ernest Zepeda for capturing them on a beach in the Mexican Caribbean in 2020. The photographer accused them of stealing his photographic equipment and although the complaint was dismissed, Zepeda insists that justice be done and used an appeal so that the case is retaken and they are linked to the process for the crimes of theft and injuries.

However, Mariano Martínez admitted that he made a “mistake” in that mess with the photographer.“It was a mistake on your part and also on my part. He and I spoke in person and everything was supposed to be resolved,” Livia’s boyfriend told come the joy in March 2022.

So far, Livia Brito has not ruled on the case involving her lover in an alleged kidnapping.