Liz Kaeber in tears: insults because of the unfulfilled desire to have children

A few thoughtless words are quickly spoken. But what influencer Liz Kaeber had to listen to clearly crosses a line. The 30-year-old, who is known from the “The Bachelor” format, is now sharing an insight into her personal messages on Instagram with her fans. And then bursts into tears.

Ex-“Bachelor” participant is insulted by user because of unfulfilled desire to have children

Instagram star Liz Kaeber has a large fan community: a million people follow their everyday lives online. Sarah Harrison’s (31) girlfriend, who has been married for four years, makes no secret of the fact that she and her husband want children. However, Liz suffers from the disease endometriosis, in which the uterine lining also grows outside the uterine cavity. Not only is the disease extremely painful – it also often means that pregnancy cannot occur naturally. Because Liz speaks openly about her unfulfilled desire to have children as a result of her illness, she has now been attacked.

A user accused the Brandenburg native of not being able to do justice to a child anyway, since “glamor” and “dozens of cosmetic surgeries” are more important to her anyway. As a result, the sister of influencer Christin Kaber was in tears.

In the video you can see why exactly the mean message from the influencer was so close.

Anna Wilken, Liz Kaeber & Ana Johnson: More and more women are talking about their fertility journey

Not only influencer Liz Kaeber, but also some other courageous Internet personalities want to break the taboo on the unfulfilled desire to have children. Ex-“GNTM” candidate Anna Wilken (after the wedding Anna Adamyan) has been explaining about endometriosis for years. After two miscarriages, the 27-year-old is now pregnant again – and is looking forward to her “miracle”. A few days ago, the influencer Ana Johnson (29) publicly announced that she cannot have children naturally due to the disease endometriosis. One thing is certain: more and more women are speaking openly about their exhausting, painful and often year-long journey to having a child. And we want to help so that almost every tenth couple in Germany – according to statistics, 10% are unintentionally childless – no longer feel so alone.