Liz Truss puts him on the leash

Charles III is a committed climate protector, but he is probably no longer allowed to live it out in public. It is his duty – and yet a great disappointment.

Now it comes for Charles III. on it. He is the new King of the United Kingdom and needs to prove himself as such. But as soon as he is in office, one thing is clear: the 73-year-old will be politically muzzled from now on.

Charles was invited to Egypt for the world climate summit in November. As a committed climate protectionist, he would have liked to go there to speak there. But his new post has caught up with him: Prime Minister Liz Truss is preventing him from attending.

Truss doesn’t just muzzle a king

Of course it is right that the king does not interfere in political processes. That’s the deal of the constitutional monarchy – and at the same time its advantage: It embodies a constant regardless of political circumstances. The neutrality ensures that it is there for everyone, regardless of political camps.

Nevertheless, one can be disappointed. Especially if you are concerned about climate change and are committed to protecting the environment. Because the prime minister not only muzzles the king – but also a man who has dedicated himself to environmental protection for years and has set many things in motion. This means that hopes for the “green king” who could bring about changes are dwindling.