Loana: Her holiday video is uncomfortable

By Maureen Peron

– Published on Dec 25, 2022 at 7:00 PM

Loana wishes her best wishes to her subscribers. But his video worries more than one. We tell you everything below!

Loana regularly worries her fans on social networks. It must be said that the young woman has just announced that she is almost on the street! In addition, the singer announced that she was sick and suffering from bipolarity. With videos on Instagram, Loana worries more than she reassures her fans. Lately, it’s his necrotic finger that calls out: “When do you not realize there is a problem? Leaving his finger like that on the verge of amputation? “, “Completely ridiculous, we don’t wait for this extreme to consult…”, “How can we wait to come to this? I don’t understand that… In any case, if your finger was saved, so much the better, because it could have ended badly. “.

Internet users very violent with Loana

Shortly after, the pretty blonde publishes a video of her with her mother. Some fans criticize him for advertising Videolo with each publication. Others find Loana and her mother annoying. And the comments are not kind to the star of the 2000s : The mother as perched as the daughter”, “Weird and embarrassing this video… Yes, it was funny… But… Not even”, “Are they drunk? “, “We believe in The Exorcist”, “Damn, I don’t know what they take the two there, but I don’t want it”, “I want the contact details of the dealer”, “It’s extremely embarrassing this video… damn it, but pull yourself together… it’s getting worse and worse though…”. But what else has she done?

To celebrate a Merry Christmas to its subscribers, Loana films its tree as well as its interior. For some Internet users, she seems under the influence of alcohol. The singer wants to wake up her mom to wish her a happy new year. Several fans ask him to stop “humble himself”. Either way, we hope Loana had a great holiday with her mom!