Lois is ready to conquer the big stages

The night of July 25 was one of the most important in the life of Lois Pfeiffer. that saturday, the 15-year-old artist took the stage at the Eagles theater to perform solo Violin Concerto in E minor, Op. 64, by the German Felix Mendelssohn, together with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

“Magnificent” was one of the adjectives that were heard the most among the reactions of the public that appreciated the presentation. “Great”, “unforgettable”, were other expressions.

And it is that Lois’s performances at the two concerts of the orchestra left not only a pleasant memory in the minds and ears of the spectators, but also the question: Who is she?

Lois earned the right to be in the concert season, after winning first place in the 2022 Bolivian Classical Music Contest, organized by the Philharmonic and the Central Arkansas University of the United States Joined. The triumph also earned him a scholarship at the American university.

The way

Lois was born in 2007, in the home formed by Daniel Pfeifer and Radka Pfeifer, in Aachen (Aachen), a city located in western Germany.

According to her mother, Lois proved to have singing skills at the age of three, so some friends recommended that she learn an instrument. Radka opted for the violin, because she played it too.

She found a luthier who managed to make the little girl fall in love with the violin. However, her mother noticed that the class was not what the girl needed, because she did not focus on infants. Looking for another alternative, he found the Suzuki Method, which, although he is not well known in Germany, allowed him to teach him at home with books and other support material.

After a while, Bolivia became the destination of the Pfeifer. The family arrived in the country and settled in Samaipata, where they worked in the Children’s Home for the population of the Santa Cruz valleys.

Lois’ parents didn’t want her to give up her passion for the violin, so they enrolled her in the Suzuki String School, run by Magali Pinto.

While they lived in Samaipata, it was difficult for him to pass classes in the Santa Cruz capital, due to the distance and unstable road conditions. The family, which grew with the birth of Joshua, Sarah and Johannes Pfeifer, the younger siblings of Lois, found a country house in La Guardiawhere they currently live and enjoy life surrounded by nature and accompanied by music.

“Lois’s dream was to play with the Philharmonic. It was something beautiful, that she enjoyed it a lot, ”says the proud mother.

Lois, for her part, says that he has been listening to and performing Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto since he was four years old, that is why he was very happy when he found out that he was going to play it with the orchestra.

Other works that he likes to play are Fritz Kreisler’s Prelude and Allegro and Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 5. With the latter he will graduate from the School.

Proud, teacher Magali Pinto also spoke up, recalling that Lois has been at the school since she was six years old and assures that her evolution “has been impressive”.

“Lois is very virtuous, but, above all, she is very disciplined, she never gives up and shows us all that she is up to the biggest challenges. She has created a habit of daily practices, supported by the same methodology of the Suzuki program and by the parents, who are fundamental in this aspect. A 15-year-old girl taught us all at the School what it means to push yourself to achieve a goal”, says Pinto.

The four Pfeifer brothers they study at school. Although his parents do not know if they will all end up dedicating themselves to music, they know that they were not wrong to guide them along the path of this art.

Lois, her mother, Radka, and her siblings Joshua, Sarah, and Johannes

Lois is applauded by the director of the Philharmonic, Isaac Terceros